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At EPMA, we believe the key to delivering value isn’t just about implementing a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) technology, but in the ability to focus on addressing specific project management challenges and achieving measurable business improvement results.


Our consulting teams focus on the objectives and management vision for project and portfolio management.  We then enhance our clients business processes by building on existing approaches within the business, optimize people skills within the organization to fit with project or portfolio delivery requirements, and then leverage technology to enable people to effectively perform the work.


Our holistic People Process Technology framework is a proven approach which has generated significant value for our clients time and time again, with direct benefit to the bottom line.  Our scalable methodologies can be applied to specific project management issues through to full portfolio delivery enhancement, from one local business unit through to worldwide transformations.


Most importantly, we recognize that each Client has a unique culture and way of doing business - this factor is always accounted for in our change management activities which accompany any size of transformation.  This enables the project and portfolio delivery improvements to become permanent, and to minimize people sliding back into old habits.




From the very first meeting with EPMA, you will appreciate the honesty, genuine care, and value that we extend to you. Our approach is focused not only on providing your organization with the right programs and tools, but also providing you with knowledge, training, coaching and support to embed the PPM solution in project and portfolio delivery to optimize performance and maximize the efficiency of the delivery teams. We bring experience in delivering business and process consulting services that extend beyond the technology. Working side-by-side with our experts and engaging in our training programs and workshops will help your team enhance their skills and manage projects with EPMA’s proven standards and recommended practices.


EPMA consultants also bring practical industry best and knowledge from numerous engagements worldwide to your organization.



Our approach guides your team through identifying and quantifying business objectives and developing a clear road map for successfully achieving your business goals. Whether you are building workflows or KPI dashboards, building your team's skills with new techniques, or defining new portfolio management approaches, our consultants' breadth of knowledge and engagement skills will put your employees at ease throughout the visioning process.


After strategy comes tactical implementation, and our consultants partner with you to design a phased approach to success. This structured approach will provide the team with a manageable transformation approach that fits with their day jobs, anticipate and overcome roadblocks before they happen.

Cycle through our 7 phase methodology:


What does our approach do for you?


  • Ensures that EVERYONE is on the SAME PAGE
  • DECREASES stress on your team with visibility into projects
  • IMPROVES PERFORMANCE DELIVERY with measured KPIs and organizational goals

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