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Daptiv PPM is the #1 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) PPM solution with over 100,000 subscribers. Over 600 organizations worldwide utilize Daptiv PPM to accelerate the pace of innovation, improve productivity and more effectively adapt to rapidly changing economic conditions and competitive dynamics. Daptiv PPM will help any organization with portfolio planning, execution, and management.


The Daptiv PPM solution has the following capabilities:

• Portfolio Management

• Project Management

• Resource Management

• Financial Management


The benefits of using Daptiv PPM:

• Create a single source of the truth and eliminate multiple point solutions and data silos

• Increase strategic alignment of portfolio

• Improve resource utilization

• Increase speed time to market

• Reduce cost overruns

• Reduce project delivery time

• Reduce administrative time




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As an official Daptiv PPM partner, EPMA is able to help organizations implement and take advantage of all the capabilities the solution offers.


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