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At EPMA, we believe the key to delivering value to our clients isn’t just about technology, but in the ability to recognize and improve the entire business process then leverage the technology to develop the solutions that matter most to our clients.


When it comes to Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), EPMA knows how. We are not only recognized as leading experts in the field, but we have also built the fastest growing PPM company in the industry providing true end to end solutions in this space.


Simply implementing a PPM tool or having technical expertise does not solve an organization’s project management challenges.  Without a proper implementation approach, organizations struggle to see the value in their investment.


EPMA provides expert PPM services to supplement your organization's capabilities.  We  bring to the table an  understanding of industry specific challenges and how to address them successfully. This helps your team focus on your business, whilst allowing EPMA to focus on ensuring the solution chosen delivers value for your organization.


EPMA delivers solutions that encompass technology, information, people, and process.  We call it TiPP and by leveraging JEM, our Just Enough Management approach, we apply those components in a concise methodology to help your organization effectively implement, upgrade, migrate and expand powerful project and work management solutions with great success and simplicity.


From the very first meeting with EPMA, you will appreciate the honesty, genuine care, and value that we extend to you. Our approach is focused not only on providing your organization with the right programs and tools, but also providing you with proper knowledge and support to use the solution to better your projects. We bring experience in delivering business and process consulting services that extend beyond the technology.


EPMA consultants also bring Microsoft recommended practices and knowledge from numerous engagements worldwide to your organization. Working side-by-side with our experts and engaging in our training programs and workshops will help your team enhance their skills and manage projects with EPMA’s proven standards and recommended practices.



Our approach guides your team through identifying and quantifying business objectives and developing a clear road map for successfully achieving your business goals. Whether you are building workflows, applications, dashboards, reports or deploying servers, our consultants breadth of knowledge will put your mind at ease throughout the process.


After, our consulting team partners with you to design a phased approach for success. This structured approach will allow the teams to quickly overcome roadblocks in designing, developing, testing, and deploying your Microsoft solutions. Our time-tested methodologies result in accelerated and streamlined user adoption throughout your enterprise.

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