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Having the right people is essential to the success of your projects and guarantees a quicker delivery as well as the ability to adapt to the challenges that every project will inevitably encounter. We match the best personnel with your organization and particular project, so that their presence is immediately felt and makes a positive and measurable difference. We also assess your existing workforce and provide you with the necessary roadmap to improve your organization's project maturity.


Processes are repeatable and maximize results in the minimum amount of time, which supports the scalability of your organization. Incorporating a process is vital to the consistent delivery of projects, and it results in better adoption and standardization of project controls. We leverage decades of experience to provide you guidance towards defining your project management methodologies. The key to our success, and yours, is through our ‘just enough’ project governance model.


Technology implemented and used effectively is a valuable weapon for any organization to gain the competitive edge. Leveraging easy to use systems that can effectively plan, track, and measure projects from anywhere, while providing valuable KPIs, are vital to the health and success of your organization. As a leading provider of project management information systems, EPMA helps deliver the right solution that meets your business needs.

At EPMA, we recommend you take a “just enough” approach to project management. We want you to see value for every dollar you spend with us.


If you start small, change management is not a major obstacle, and you see success fast. Once adoption of phase one is met and data quality is trusted, you are ready to progress in project management maturity and complexity.


Complex projects do not equate to a complex process. Simplification is at the heart of everything we do.


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Unfortunately, organizations spend thousands of dollars and countless hours implementing solutions that end in failure due to lack of adoption, distrust of data and reporting, unstandardized methods, and ultimately being left with a tool that does not align with the original goals or vision. Sometimes, it’s a result of not having a vision or roadmap that leads to this failure. Simply implementing a tool or having technical expertise does not solve your project management challenges. You need a partner that can apply practical experience to help you formulate a clear vision and realistic roadmap, in addition to implementing, upgrading, migrating or expanding a PPM solution quickly, cleanly, and completely. We know the importance of asking you the right questions, understanding your business drivers, and getting it right the first time.

I am sure you would agree that project management is critical to business performance and organizational success. If it is in fact a fundamental ingredient to business growth, then why historically have PMO’s been so cyclical in nature with underwhelming survival rates?


We have identified the failure points and recognized an approach that can expedite the establishment and support of your PMO. We accomplish this with highly qualified staff augmentations of project managers and schedulers to help you focus on talent development and management. By providing an established framework of practices to guide your projects, we can reduce schedule and budget overruns, as well as overall risk.

Our services also give your PMO the agility to have on demand expansion and contraction of capability without the overheads typically associated with PMOs. Our PMaaS ensures greater knowledge retention and business continuity.

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