Simplified technology: project online integration, workflow and reporting

Not everything fits right out of the box

Need a highly specific portfolio report to share performance information with the C-Suite just how they like it? DONE.

Standard project management KPIs don’t fit your business model? DONE.

Need your Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) technology to integrate with all your other business systems? and DONE.

The EPMA Development team has an extensive depth of systems and software knowledge solely focused on Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) customization. We collaborate with organizations to automate and streamline their data to ensure the ability to make key decisions that improve project delivery. No matter if it is an SAP integration, Oracle, PeopleSoft, or Microsoft Dynamics AX, or graphical reporting like nothing seen on Earth. To us, it's simply data we understand how to manipulate. To our clients, it's the heart of their business.

Custom and Automated Reporting

Looking for Portfolio Health, Project Health, Cost Management, Scope Management or Resource Management? We remove the clutter, challenges and frustration of compiling reports through automated interactive dashboards and reports.

We can also:

  • Build apps for mobile data collection and display
  • Customize reporting specific to your organization
  • Deliver near real-time project data through automation
  • Eliminate the time and effort spent on manual reporting

Optimizing Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Organizations capture and store an ever-increasing amount of data, that can provide valuable intelligence for making timely, informed decisions...but only when it is strategically presented to the right audience. When data is housed in application silos or spreadsheets, your information can be hard to attain and effectively consume.

To combat un-, mis-, or poorly used data, our consultants can help identify governance processes and strategic data elements specific to your business, and then craft a reporting and dashboard framework. Our experienced PPM development team can then unite data presentation technologies with leading-edge governance to provide your decision makers with visibility to clear, concise operational data - effectively creating a single, centralized source of truth to provide oversight and management of your projects.

Custom Solutions Without The Custom Price Tag

Integration Excellence

EPMA’s development team has deep technical expertise across multiple development technologies and platforms utilized throughout the deployment, optimization and operational phases of the Enterprise Project Management (EPM) lifecycle. Our experience includes creating simple, 1-way data interfaces, to designing and building complex, bi-directional integration processes for bridging large ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Microsoft Dynamics.

This integration capability goes beyond ERP systems to wherever project data provides value to the business. This includes CRM integrations, Agile integrations with Waterfall project management, or integrations with contract management software for scope control. When its project data integrations across the business environment, we’ve been there done that.

About Us

EPMA is a global PPM consulting and IT staffing firm with a passion for people, processes and technology. We challenge conventional methods to bring solutions to clients across a broad range of industries. Our proven Just Enough approach is guaranteed to meet any PPM or IT staffing challenge with seamless integration. Let us show you the EPMA way.

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