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Is EPO® right for your company?

EPMA’s EPO® isn’t a universal fit, nor suitable for every organization. Our aim is to maintain our track record of success by ensuring compatibility with each client. Like clients assessing vendors, we evaluate potential clients to gauge alignment with our model’s partnership and accountability ethos. During initial discussions, we use specific criteria to determine the viability of offering our EPO® to your organization:
  • Do your organization’s expectations for transitioning to the EPO® model align with our company’s EPO® capabilities?
  • Do both companies share aligned core values, particularly regarding integrity, reputation, passion, and excellence?
  • Are we collaborating with stakeholders that have organizational accountability?
The above exemplifies the type of questions that must be addressed during preliminary discussions to ascertain if a client is a suitable candidate for an EPO®. Occasionally, the fit isn’t optimal, or we may not perceive the model’s value for a particular client. In such instances, we often advocate for a conventional approach, blending our staffing, consulting, and technology services to deliver a more customized solution for the organization.

Implementing the EPO®

The EPO® implementation approach swiftly transforms your organization’s project management capabilities into reality, surpassing any other available method today.  We call our approach RAMP®, Rapid Assessment Migration Plan. This EPMA framework is designed to maximize information gathering and minimize client disruption. The purpose of RAMP® is to assess the client’s readiness for an EPO®, determine the minimum resource model needed for service delivery, define the applicable processes, establish standards and templates for managing project delivery, and introduce the SCALE® model for the client to implement.

Let’s Discuss if the EPO® is Right for You.

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6 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Be Without an EPO®

Competitive Edge

In today's fast-paced business environment, effective project management is a critical competency to ensure organizational competitiveness.

Control Cash

Achieve improved accuracy, enhanced forecasting, and a streamlined single monthly cost for project management, all while minimizing overruns and penalties.

Workforce Care

Avoid the loss of project leaders due to project stress, burn out and lack of passion caused by limited structure and support for project management excellence.

Minimize Risk

Minimize risk impact by integrating practices like identification, analysis, planning, monitoring, and adaptation into every phase of the project lifecycle.

Trust Data

Harness leading enterprise project management systems to capture, monitor, and manage projects, guaranteeing both data accuracy and timeliness.

Maximize Talents

Decrease employee turnover by enabling your talent to relinquish project management duties and concentrate on their core strengths.

About Us

EPMA redefines what consulting should be: a partnership with integrity and excellence at its core. By challenging conventional methods, we deliver innovative solutions that provide our clients with a sustainable advantage. We unite the right people, optimized processes, leading technology, and scalable capabilities to enhance and streamline an organization’s ability to operate, transform, and grow.

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