Project Portfolio Management Optimization

Building capability to maximize the value of project investments

While project and program management focus on execution and delivery, project portfolio management ensures businesses effectively manage projects as a portfolio of investments by selecting the right projects.  Strong project portfolio management enables businesses to align projects with strategic objectives, optimize resources, manage risks, and ultimately achieve better outcomes and business success.  EPMA provides the processes, tools, and expertise to implement these capabilities into your organization to drive performance-based results.

Portfolio Management Optimization Service Offerings

Project Intake
and Prioritization

Equip the business with the skills and tools needed to prioritize initiatives based on value, select the right projects, and build a strong project portfolio.

Portfolio Resource Management

Build the capability to deploy resources to priority projects based on skills and availability and adapt resource allocation to mitigate portfolio disruptions as projects evolve.

Portfolio Cost Management

Optimize budget control by establishing the means to monitor portfolio finances, anticipate budget impacts, facilitate the request and release of funding, and track portfolio expenditures

Portfolio Risk & Issue Management

Empower the business to strategically assess portfolio risks and issues to evaluate their potential impact and anticipate trends influencing resources and projects to facilitate proactive interventions.

Portfolio ROI Management

Gain the ability to evaluate and optimize project investments to maximize returns and ensure alignment with the organization’s strategic goals.

Portfolio Governance

Develop a structured framework to govern project portfolio management, optimizing investments for organizational strategic and operational success.

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