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Simplify, Achieve, and Excel: Embrace Outsourced Project Management

EPMA’s EPO® is a meticulously engineered outsourced project management model crafted to seamlessly align with our client’s needs. By assuming the helm of project management, we liberate our clients from this operational burden, empowering them to focus on refining their core business competencies. This strategic alliance fosters continuous scalability, heightened efficiency, and augmented profitability, ensuring sustained value delivery throughout our collaboration.

Gone are the days of grappling with relentless cycle of establishing and reestablishing PMOs, incessantly updating project management software, and contending with turnover and inadequate project management expertise. Organizations invest considerable time, resources, and effort each year in attempts to cultivate this capability in-house, often with limited success. EPMA consolidates people, processes, and technology into an integrated solution, guaranteeing superior project delivery for your organization.

Project Management

The Shocking Reality: Organizations Fail at Project Management

THE EPO® Solution Impact:
Rapid Transformation of Your Project Management Capabilities

Learn How the EPO® Can Empower Your Business

Solution Evaluation: Fit, Approach, Results

Is the EPO™ Right for You

Is the EPO® Right for You?

This solution is not one size fits all, so how do we ensure a successful fit?

he EPO™ Implementation Strategy

The EPO® Implementation Strategy

RAMP® (Rapid Assessment Migration Plan) is EPMA’s model to successfully implementing an EPO®.

Results and ROI

Results and ROI

Six critical reasons why your organization cannot afford to be without an Enterprise Project Office

Why You Can Trust EPMA as Your EPO® Partner

EPMA takes care of your project management – so you can take care of your business. You didn’t build a business to be the best in project management – BUT WE DID.  Having worked with over 10% of the Fortune 1000 clients and delivered and managed billions of dollars of projects, we have taken all this experience and created the EPO® for our clients.


  • Our staffing services consistently enhance and deliver every aspect of recruiting, onboarding, training, developing, and supplying project management resources.
  • Our consulting services guide clients in achieving transformative project management capabilities.
  • Our technology services help clients implement enterprise PPM technologies, integrate data and build comprehensive custom solutions.
  • Our training services span across coaching, mentoring, and supporting project management teams.
Why You Can Trust EPMA as Your EPOTM Partner

About Us

EPMA redefines what consulting should be: a partnership with integrity and excellence at its core. By challenging conventional methods, we deliver innovative solutions that provide our clients with a sustainable advantage. We unite the right people, optimized processes, leading technology, and scalable capabilities to enhance and streamline an organization’s ability to operate, transform, and grow.

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